Central to the long term growth of IPC Maintenance is the renewed emphasis on developing and implementing processes that facilitate:

  • Cost reductions.
  • Efficiency.
  • Delivery.

IPC Maintenance continues to implement a range of new processes and management systems focusing on:

  • Safety – delivering ever better standards.
  • Quality – independent accreditation of the Company’s Quality System.
  • Environmental Management – zero harm to the environment in which we operate.
  • Efficiency – cloud based quoting and job tracking.
  • Accountability – with closer monitoring of all variables.
  • Transparency – open and timely communication and reporting.

These new processes and systems are designed to enable IPC Maintenance  to adopt an approach to each and every project that fully reflects the client’s requirements and achieve theses requirement on time without compromise  safety and the environment.


Industrial and mining maintenance services have been around since the industrial revolution and very often the culture of contractors reflects this fact. IPC Maintenance is developing a culture focused on:

  • Collaboration – between the IPC Maintenance team and the client team.
  • Relationships – and in particular, long term relationships.
  • Integration – and becoming an extension of the client organisation.
  • Transparency – tell it as it is all the time.
  • Respect– active participation of all people without the fear of discrimination.

The team at IPC Maintenance work collaboratively with clients to establish the best possible approach to every project and relationship – placing the highest priority on developing and maintaining the long term relationships that facilitate superior corporate knowledge and greater efficiency.

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