Your productivity is our business

Established in 1993, IPC Maintenance has long term and highly productive relationships with a number of great businesses including CSBP, Cockburn Cement, Broad Spectrum and Tronox.

IPC Maintenance’s number one focus is safety of its employees and all of those working with and around IPC and the environment in which the work is carried out.  With an impressive track record of safety and environmental management , IPC can deliver the required outcomes with confidence that work will be completed with zero harm to people and the environment.

IPC Maintenance continues to put in place strategies for closer collaboration and relationships with clients in the industrial and mining sectors – and international partners to ensure it develops as the benchmark in industrial and mining maintenance.

Further to this we recognise the importance of working in partnership with our clients to Maximise the Return on those Assets. At IPC Your Productivity is Our Business, and the success of your business is directly related to the success of our business.

With more than 200 employees IPC continues to instil a culture throughout the organisation focused on taking responsibility for client productivity – IPC recognises the importance of working with clients to maximise productivity.

Every member of the IPC team understands the importance of collaboration, commitment, delivery transparency and safety – and the importance of being enquiring, responsive, progressive, flexible and precise.

Maximising the Return on Assets

The team at IPC Maintenance recognise that clients have significant capital invested in plant and equipment  – maximising the utilisation of these assets is critical for the financial success of their business.

The three key factors to Maximise the Return on Assets are:

The team at IPC Maintenance are fully cognisant that to Maximise the Life of Assets regular, planned preventative maintenance is essential -identifying potential problems before they become a major issue.

The team at IPC Maintenance recognise the importance of minimising the costs associated with doing business. Further to this we recognise the importance of working with our clients to minimise client’s operating costs.

The team at IPC Maintenance recognise the importance of maximising efficiency on every level. Further to this we recognise the importance of working with our clients to maximise their efficiency.

To achieve these three outcomes IPC is committed to:

Preventative Maintenance -all of our staff are trained to remain vigilant, raising awareness of problems or potential problems and providing solutions.

Long Term Fixes – approaching each issue with a view to implanting a long term solution that will endure.

Prioritising Efficiency – working steadily and delivering results without compromising safety.

Appreciating the Cost of Downtime – providing a comprehensive value proposition with delivery assurance.

Specialised Welding

Insulation, Cladding & Sheet Metal Work

Mechanical Maintenance

Fabrication & Modification

Building Maintenance

Labour Hire

Scaffolding & Rigging