Your productivity is our business

Established in 1993, IPC Maintenance works with some of Western Australia’s leading businesses.

IPC aims to be the market’s benchmark in the delivery of maintenance services in Western Australia by establishing partnerships based on a common purpose, absolute collaboration and continuous improvement

Clients can and should judge IPC on its performance in:

With more than 200 employees, IPC has a culture focused on taking responsibility for client productivity. To facilitate this, the business is committed to providing a comprehensive and integrated service, employing the best possible people and continually upskilling those people

IPC works with partners responding to their changing needs – 24/7, 365 days a year and has full IOS certification. Service delivery and the allocation of personnel is customised to the specific requirements of each partner and project.

Maximising the Return on Assets

The team at IPC Maintenance recognise that clients have significant capital invested in plant and equipment  – maximising the utilisation of these assets is critical for the financial success of their business.

The three key factors to Maximise the Return on Assets are:

To achieve these three outcomes IPC is committed to:

Preventative Maintenance -all of our staff are trained to remain vigilant, raising awareness of problems or potential problems and providing solutions.

Long Term Fixes – approaching each issue with a view to implanting a long term solution that will endure.

Prioritising Efficiency – working steadily and delivering results without compromising safety.

Appreciating the Cost of Downtime – providing a comprehensive value proposition with delivery assurance.

What we do