Blasting & Cleaning

IPC offers traditional blasting services as well the use wet ice or dry ice (carbon dioxide)

The Ice Blast Machine is the next generation of the award-winning cleaning technology. This dual wet & dry ice blasting machine is capable of cleaning with ice cubes or dry ice.

While wet ice can outperform dry ice in most applications, we understand that certain environments cannot tolerate any amount of moisture; for those situations, we added the dry ice capability to eliminate the need for two machines. This allows the operator to work with either forms of ice blasting anywhere.



Wet Ice Technology.

Superior Cleaning Power.

Ice has a superior cleaning power to many other forms of media and is the only medium to use all three states of matter during blasting; solid state to hit with maximum impact for bulk removal, liquid state to trap and contain airborne contaminants, and gaseous state to minimize waste streams and provide the final rinse.

Cost-Effective: Minimal Media, Capital & Lower Operational Cost.

Ice is the lowest media cost and can last forever if stored correctly. This helps you reduce both media costs and operational costs. Additionally, it saves you from supply shortages (as frequently happen with dry ice) or rapid increases in media cost.

Environmentally Friendly: Minimal Waste & Contaminants.

Ice is environmentally friendly with minimal levels of airborne contaminants (0.003 MG/m3), less water requirement (up to 95%), and minimal residual water waste. It releases no greenhouse gases and only needs minimal ground containment (compared to full containment*). This will help you to meet the more stringent environmental regulations enacted since the development of traditional blasting.

Health Risk Elimination.

No chemicals or airborne contaminants are required throughout the cleaning process, which eliminates worker health risks and increases overall operational safety.

Time Saving – Unique Cleaning Mechanism

Typical cleaning procedures require that equipment be disassembled and moved to an assigned area for proper cleaning. That is not the case with ice blasting. Equipment can be cleaned in-place and hot in most situations.

Ice is the only medium with three cleaning mechanisms (bulk removal, detail clean, and final rinse). You can decontaminate and clean in one step rather than two steps for traditional dry ice blasting.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

Decreased Down Time = Increased Production Output.

No By Product Waste = Reduced Waste Disposal Costs.

Dry Methodology = Safe Around Electrics.

No chemicals = Environmentally sound and food safe.

Sanitizes = Non-Toxic Process.

Environmentally Friendly= Increased Safety.

Superior Cleaning = Increased durability.

Dry ice blasting uses no solvents, but instead uses harmless CO2 pellets. This can be a critical need for certain companies to comply with environmental regulations or to improve worker safety. There are no issues pertaining to toxicity with CO2 blasting.

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